Our Leadership

Mamele’awt Qweesome provides affordable housing and support services primarily for Aboriginal people in the Fraser Valley in a way that ensures tenant safety, empowers self-determination and the honouring of healthy agreements.

Our Board of Directors


Henri Boitson

President since October 2011

Henri’s favourite aspect about being a part of MQHS is “providing our people with a place to call home”. She would like to see as a goal to offer the opportunity to our clients to become home owners and to continue to expand into a bigger entity for our people to become self-sustaining. In order to see these goals become a reality dedication is needed as a society to complete them.

Kelowa Edel

Vice President

Kelowa takes pride in being a part of a society that improves the lives of the people. Her primary goal is leading and encouraging MQHS’s Executive Director towards success. She believes that with commitment MQHS can build homes and business opportunities that the society can be proud of for all Aboriginal people in the Fraser Valley.


Darlene Kelly


Darlene Kelly has been a board member on the MQHS board for the past 6 years. She enjoys being a part of a team of professionals and always learning new things about the housing business. Her ability to oversee financial statements makes her the perfect candidate for being the Secretary/Treasurer on the board. She would love to see the growth of the Aboriginal Village initiative flourish and be successful as it is much needed in the Fraser Valley Community; she looks forward to the expansion and growth of MQHS, and through commitment and dedication to the society she knows that these goals are attainable.

Tammy Kurath




Douglas Fugge

Board Member

Douglas Fugge became a Board Member in 2011; he enjoys the opportunity to share his knowledge and wisdom with a group that is working for the people. Doug knows the society will be sustainable not only in providing housing but in empowering people with self-determination, helping to break the cycle of poverty, and in building healthy relationships. He would like to see MQHS offer more expansive services with sustainable funding and to build its capacity. He believes that he can help MQHS get to these goals through building relationships, networking and talking to people who call the streets their home so that he can continue to advocate on their behalf.

Andrea Voss

Board Member

Our Staff

Janice Silver

Chief Executive Officer

Janice began working for MQHS on August 7, 2001 as the Program Coordinator for the Future 4 Nations Headstart Program. As of March 2017 she stepped into the CEO role and is excited about her new role within MQHS organization and leading MQHS’ caring, enthusiastic and dedicated staff.

Randy Reber

Director of Facilities and Tenant Services

Randy has 30 years plus in the construction industry. He was raised in Maple Ridge and his family roots are from Bella Coola and Cree from Cranberry Portage, Manitoba. He enjoys his family and simple pleasures of nature.

Cindy Williams

Director of Finance and Administration

Cindy first joined MQHS in 2007 as a contractor working in the reception area. She returned in 2008 taking the position fulltime working in both the reception and Tenant Relations. From here she moved into the Finance and Admin Officer position overseeing all financial controls.

Alyshia Tinga

Tenant Administrator

Alyshia has been with MQHS since October 2011, she helps manage all the tenants’ needs such as housing matters, rent calculations and paperwork revolving around tenancy. Her goal as an MQHS team member is to help achieve a successful tenancy rate, by housing those in need of help and support and later seeing those tenants move on as successful community members. MQHS is a growing business and Alyshia would like to see MQHS as a sustainable non-profit society by generating their own funding. She believes that the MQHS team can achieve this goal by continuing supporting one another with commitment and positive attitude.


Christina Elliot

Tenant Relations Coordinator

Christina was hired as the Tenant Relations Coordinator for MQHS in January 2016; she originally filled this position in 2002-2005. Since then she took some time to raise her two children and now that they are no longer toddlers, she is back and ready to take on this role. She is excited to see the exponential growth of MQHS from when she was initially here; particularly the continuing evolution towards a more holistic service provider. She sees her role as being the bridge between the tenants and the society with the goal of facilitating communication and maintaining healthy, respectful relationships. Apart from work, Christina has a real love for nature. She enjoys gardening, hiking, camping and anything that allows her to connect with the great outdoors.

Vicky Peters

Health Liaison

Vicky began working with MQHS in November, 2001. As our health liaison, Vicky works closely with members of our community to support them in their health and wellness.



Candace Glaubitz

Aboriginal Community Connections Worker

Candace was hired as the Aboriginal Community Connections Worker in August 2015. She is honoured to be working with a team whose core belief is trust, respect, safety and empowerment of people. Her hope is to build trusting relationships and come alongside street entrenched individuals, providing resources that accommodate their specific need(s), and walk step-by-step through their wellness journey.


Nicole Sather

Executive Assistant

Nicole has recently been hired on as the Executive Assistant as of April 2016 – eager to be a part of the team she is super excited to help assist in MQHS’ goals!

Tina Brooks


Tina Brooks joined the MQHS team February 2017. She is a welcomed asset, bringing her experience with negotiations and government to government relations. Joining MQHS during an exciting growth phase she is looking forward to becoming an important pillar to our Society.


Greg Sankey


Greg has been with MQHS for 7 years as a part of the maintenance team. He enjoys all the different aspects of his job and that every day is new and different. His goal as a team member is to offer support to the tenants and his co-workers. Greg would like to eventually create a third society turn-over crew to create jobs for young men that need opportunity and challenges, he believes he can do this by learning how to be a mentor and continuing on with his hard work that he provides now.