Our History

Mamale’awt Qweesome Housing Society has evolved from a grassroots organization meeting the on-the-ground needs of rural-to-urban Aboriginal peoples to a cutting-edge leader who has grown beyond bricks and mortar to embrace a holistic approach to meeting the needs of our community.


MQHS was formed (under our original name: Mission Native Housing Society) to address housing shortages in Mission and the surrounding area, giving Aboriginal people in need of safe, affordable housing a unified voice.


MQHS received finances from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation to acquire 15 houses throughout Mission, BC.


MQHS received further funding to purchase 5 more houses situated in the Mission area, two of which were designed and built to be accessible to those with physical disabilities and challenges.


MQHS completed the development of St’at’xwaya (A place between two creeks), a community of 37 family townhouse units, and the acquisition of 3 houses suited to the needs of Elders and singles especially those who are physically challenged.


MQHS incorporated their first sister society: To’o Housing Society. Through hard work and dedication to our families, we developed a 23-apartment complex. The target group is seniors, single moms, and singles who have physical challenges and disabilities. To’o was designed to create a safe, supportive, community-centred environment to bring generations together.


Located in Chilliwack, Miranda apartments is a 20-unit building, with one-bedroom and bachelor suites, for rent at low-market value. Our tenants are active Elders, couples without children, and singles.


25 houses were acquired throughout the Fraser Valley (Mission, Chilliwack, and Harrison). After applying, the Province, in partnership with the Aboriginal Housing Management Association (AHMA), granted us the houses to support families in the greatest need, predominantly Aboriginal.


As mortgages (and corresponding subsidies) expire, our units are becoming internally subsidized by the “MQHS Rental Assistance Program” to ensure housing remains affordable and accessible.


We received fee simple title of a 10-bed facility in Abbotsford that targeted primarily for Urban Aboriginal population needs.

2015 & Onwards

Mamele’awt Qweesome Housing Society continues to work towards breaking down the silos between various stages of housing and supports in order to better support all members of our communities. We strive to meet the needs of those most vulnerable in ways that are client-centred, culturally-appropriate, multi-dimensional and provide wrap-around support. Our current projects include a Women’s Initiative to support street-entrenched women and our Urban Village development plan.

MQHS also continues to build their capacity for increased self-sufficiency and continue their work as a leader in the social housing and property development sector in British Columbia and beyond.

We seek innovative and cutting edge partners that embrace our values and concepts to move forward with.