RESIDENT FAQ 2018-08-16T22:20:14+00:00
Windows and Window Coverings 2019-05-29T17:08:08+00:00

Do not display, hang or attach items such as stickers, flags or laundry from your windows.

Window coverings provided by MQHS should not be removed or altered.  If you would like to use your own window coverings, please submit an alteration request for consideration.

What is Subsidized Rent? 2018-07-24T23:14:04+00:00

MQHS receives money to cover the cost difference between your rent amount and what the housing actually costs to manage.

Welcome Visit 2018-07-24T23:01:47+00:00

A member of our Tenant Relations Department will visit with you in the early days of your tenancy to go over info relevant to your tenancy and to give you an opportunity to ask questions.

Tenancy Review 2019-05-27T23:31:31+00:00

A Tenant Relations staff will meet you in your home three months after you move in to perform a tenancy review and unit inspection.  This is an opportunity to identify and address any concerns that may have arisen and to develop a plan for success going forward.

Supervision of Children 2018-07-25T17:24:55+00:00

Shared outdoor spaces at our townhome and apartment complexes are for the mutual enjoyment of all residents. Parents are required to adequately supervise their children in these areas. We rely on your cooperation to help us keep our shared areas looking neat and tidy. Teach your children to dispose of waste in bins provided.

Smoking 2019-05-29T16:57:08+00:00

Smoking is not permitted indoors in any of our units at any time.

At our houses and townhouses, smoking is permitted outdoors. It is your responsibility to ensure that smoke is not drifting into open windows or doors.

Our apartment complexes are smoke free; smoking is only permitted in designated areas or off property.

Seasonal Items 2018-07-25T17:36:59+00:00

Live Christmas trees are not permitted. Please only use artificial trees in your home. Seasonal decorations are permitted as long as they are put up in such a way that the unit or building are not damaged and must be removed in a timely manner.

Respectful Communication 2018-08-17T20:29:28+00:00

MQHS is dedicated to creating mutually respectful relationships with our residents. We expect that all communication will be courteous, and we will discontinue service to anyone who is hostile, disrespectful, threatening or using profanity.

Repair Requests 2018-07-24T23:01:59+00:00

Any repairs that are required in your unit should be reported to the maintenance department in writing. If the repairs are a result of damage or misuse by yourself or a guest, you may be billed for the cost of the repair.

In order for us to complete your repair in a timely manner it is important that you make yourself available. You can do this by giving maintenance permission to enter your unit in your absence or by coordinating a time to meet with them.

It is your responsibility to prepare the area where the repair will be done. This would include cleaning and removing clutter to allow accessibility.

*Please be aware that you will be charged for the cost of repair for an issue you failed to report that leads to further damages, such as a leaking faucet or toilet.

Renter Insurance 2018-07-24T23:05:42+00:00

MQHS only insures our buildings, not your belongings. We recommend you purchase renter insurance to protect yourself and your belongings in the case of fire, theft, earthquake or other damage.

Quiet Enjoyment 2018-07-25T17:25:59+00:00

You and your neighbors are entitled to privacy and quiet enjoyment of your homes. Please ensure that you, your family and guests live in a manner that does not have a negative effect on your neighbors. Please note that excessive noise and disturbances may lead to action against your tenancy.

Privacy 2018-08-17T21:15:37+00:00

MQHS staff may only enter your home with your written permission or after serving the appropriate written notice as per the Residential Tenancy Act.

The personal information that we collect from you is stored securely and in accordance with the Personal Information and Privacy Act. MQHS staff are not permitted to release any personal information about you without your written permission.

Pets 2019-05-27T19:26:22+00:00

At all MQHS properties we permit small caged pets, as long as they are kept well maintained and not permitted to roam freely.  If you live at a pet-friendly building you may apply to have one or two pets, limited to cats or dogs.  Contact the office for an application form and to learn more about our screening process; if approved a pet deposit is required.  At no times are guests permitted to bring pets onto MQHS property.

Pests 2018-07-24T23:16:54+00:00

As a tenant it is your responsibility to prevent and report any signs of pests such as rodents, bed bugs or ants. If you have any reason to suspect you have pests in your home, please contact our maintenance department immediately. Do not attempt to eliminate the pests yourself.

The Residential Tenancy Branch requires that tenants work together with landlords and follow their instructions when treatment of the unit is required.

Parking 2019-05-27T23:14:57+00:00

All vehicles on our properties must have valid insurance and be in running condition at all times. Storage insurance is not sufficient. Only minor repairs to vehicles are permitted on the properties.  A maximum of 2 vehicles per unit are permitted on the property at any one time.

If you reside at our townhouse complex you are encouraged to park in your garage. All additional parking stalls are first-come first-serve for residents and guests. Vehicles are never permitted to park in roadways, including in front of units, as it is a fire lane. Vehicles found parked in the fire lane will be towed without warning.

If you reside at an apartment complex with underground parking, you may request an assigned stall and a garage remote once you provide verification of insurance and sign a parking agreement.  The underground parking area is for the use of residents only, not guests.

If you reside at an apartment complex with surface only parking, you will be given a parking sticker that you are required to display in your vehicle.  You will also be given a guest parking pass which must be displayed in the window of any guest that you permit to park on our property.  You may have the option to reserve a parking stall for a monthly fee.  Contact our maintenance department or your onsite caretaker for more information.

Over/Under Housing and Transfers 2019-05-29T17:13:03+00:00

MQHS is required by our funders to operate in accordance with the National Housing Occupancy Standards. All families are therefore housed in units that are an appropriate fit for their family size and details. If during your tenancy your family size and/or details change we are required to determine whether your current unit is still suitable for you or whether you may need to be relocated. If an appropriate internal transfer is not available or is not accepted, we will be required to end your tenancy.

Outdoor Areas and Patios/Balconies 2021-04-13T02:46:29+00:00

If you live in a unit with a yard space, it is your responsibility to perform routine lawn and yard care to maintain a tidy appearance at all times. Patios and balconies must be kept neat and attractive and are not to be used as storage areas. The only furniture permitted on patios is furniture sold specifically as patio furniture. No couches, kitchen tables, indoor furniture etc. will be permitted on patios.

Outdoor Areas and Patios / Balconies 2019-05-27T19:51:46+00:00

BBQ’s are permitted only on ground floor concrete patios and should be used at least two feet from the building. Do not store or transport propane tanks through the building or unit.

Pools are not permitted to be used anywhere on MQHS property as they pose a safety risk. At the apartment and townhouse complexes sprinklers are not permitted.

Bird feeders (excluding hummingbird) are not permitted on patios or balconies as they are likely to attract pests.

Patios are not to be used to enter or exit your unit, please instruct your guests to use the main entrance only.  Furniture or other large items are not to be moved in or out of the unit via the balcony or a patio with railings.

Move Out Inspection 2021-04-13T02:36:01+00:00

Maintenance will contact you to schedule a move out inspection. It will take place on the final day of your tenancy in a clean and empty unit. If the final day of your tenancy falls on a weekend or holiday, the move out inspection will take place on the next business day. It is not required that you attend. If you have not heard from maintenance by the last week of your tenancy please contact the office. Please make sure you have provided Tenant Relations with your forwarding address and phone number.

Move Out Guidelines 2019-05-29T17:27:45+00:00

In preparation to move, you will be responsible to ensure your unit is left in the same condition it was as when you moved in. Please refer to our Move Out Guidelines form for details as to what is expected.

In addition, make arrangement to have your utilities, mail and other services transferred. If you would like MQHS to be able to provide a reference for you, you will need to give us written permission.  If you require the use of the elevator to move out, you must reserve a time with MQHS staff prior to your intended move out date.

Move In Inspection 2021-04-13T02:51:03+00:00

Prior to your move in, maintenance will email you an inspection sheet for your unit that has been prefilled by Staff and instructions for your move in. At the time of your move out, the condition recorded on this form will be used to compare to the current condition of your unit which will determine your eligibility for a security deposit refund.

Laundry 2019-05-27T18:22:25+00:00

If your unit has hookup for a washer and dryer, please contact maintenance after installation but prior to using for the first time. They will provide a complimentary inspection to ensure proper connection and therefore reduce the risk of water damages which you could be liable for.

If there are shared laundry facilities at your location that you intend to use, please request a key from maintenance. These facilities are provided for the use of tenants only and are to be used respectfully and with consideration throughout your tenancy.

Late Rent 2019-05-27T18:46:03+00:00

If you are unable to pay your rent on time, you must contact the Tenant Relations Department before it is due. If you qualify for an extension you will be required to sign an agreement which details your plan for payment.

Rent Extensions are a privilege and are approved based on consideration of your circumstances and your rent payment history.

MQHS’ policy is to serve a 10-day Notice to End Tenancy for any unapproved late rent and to serve a One Month Notice to End for repeated late rent payments.

Keys and Locks 2018-07-24T23:03:37+00:00

Prior to your move in a new lock will have been installed to your unit. We keep master keys to all our units. You must therefore not change your lock or add security devices without prior written approval. If you need your lock changed please submit a written request to the maintenance department. There will be a charge for replacing lost keys.

Income Testing 2019-05-27T19:06:39+00:00

In order for MQHS to receive funding we are required to periodically review the income of all residents.  When you receive a notice from our office requesting income verification it is imperative that you comply in a timely manner.  Failure to do so will result in the end of your tenancy.

A change in household income may result in a change to your monthly rent or a transition plan for households who exceed our housing income limits.

If a change to your family size or significant income change occur, you are required to contact Tenant Relations to determine whether a rent adjustment is needed.

Hydro and Fortis Gas 2019-05-27T18:36:57+00:00

It is your responsibility to connect electricity (BC Hydro) and gas (Fortis BC) (if applicable) at your unit from the date of your move in and to keep it connected throughout your tenancy.

How and When to Pay Rent 2019-05-27T18:53:53+00:00

Rent is due by the first business day of each month. We accept cheques, money orders or electronic withdrawal payments, contact the office to sign up. Payments can be made in person or put in drop box at our office or mailed to PO Box 3563 Mission BC V2V 4L1.  Staff are not permitted to accept payments outside of the office.

Please be aware that payments returned due to insufficient funds or other errors will be subject to a $5.00 fee. We reserve the right to require payment be made by money order if ongoing issues occur.

Guests 2019-05-27T19:29:34+00:00

Please inform the office when you intend to have a guest stay longer than two weeks.  We may require proof that your guest has a primary residence of their own.  You will be responsible for the actions of your guests while they are staying with you.

Giving Notice 2018-08-17T20:00:55+00:00

When you plan to move out, you must notify MQHS office in writing at least one full rental month before the day you intend to leave. For example, if you plan to move out on July 31 you need to provide notice and confirm it was received no later than June 30. Your notice must include your name, address and the date you intend to move out. This notice must be dated and signed.

Garbage, Recycling and Compost 2018-08-17T21:20:37+00:00

It is important that you adhere to all signage regarding the disposal of garbage, compost and recycling at the unit in which you live.

  • Secure garbage bins to deter pests and bears.
  • Sort and dispose of items in appropriate bins according to signage and city policies.
  • If composting bins are provided at your complex, please take the time to learn what may and may not be discarded in them as contamination has significant consequences to the society and the program.
  • Do not dispose of unacceptable items such as electronics, furniture, appliances and mattresses in or around garbage bins.
Fire Prevention 2019-05-29T16:52:30+00:00

Fire Safety Tips

  • Never disconnect or cover your smoke detector.  Contact maintenance immediately if the smoke detector is not working properly.
  • Don’t overload electrical outlets or use frayed cords.
  • Closely monitor the kitchen while cooking.
  • Never leave candles unattended.
  • If you hear a fire alarm always leave the building immediately.
  • Discuss and practice an exit plan with your family in the event of a fire.
  • During a power outage do not use propane or gas heaters or stoves inside your unit.
Emergency Repairs 2018-07-24T23:15:14+00:00

Emergencies are problems that must be addressed immediately to avoid damages to your unit or the housing complex or which threatens your safety. Examples include a water leak, power or heat system failure or a broken lock which prevents you from securing your unit.

If you require an emergency repair at any time contact maintenance by phone at 604-768-3325.

Current MQHS Programs 2019-05-29T17:23:22+00:00

Rent Smart

MQHS offers the RentSmart course at no cost to our applicants and residents. This 12-hour course developed by Ready to Rent and facilitated by our staff, empowers participants by teaching them how to find and maintain safe, suitable housing.

Seasonal Events / Programs

MQHS offers a variety of programs and seasonal events at our complexes. Notifications of current programs are distributed directly to residents and can be found at the office and on our Facebook page.

Healthy Living Coordinator

Through this position we provide education, programs and support related to healthy living.

Aboriginal Head Start Programs

MQHS partners with the Aboriginal Head Start Program to provide childcare and educational programs for preschool age children.  These programs are provided free to qualifying families.  Call MQHS office for more information about these programs and how to register.

Crime Free Multi Housing

Our housing is certified through the Crime Free Multi Housing program which is administered through the local community police.  This program aims to establish a good working relationship between housing provider, resident and police to create a safe community.


Crime Free Safety Tips 2018-08-17T21:36:02+00:00

To create a safe community for you and your neighbors please apply the following tips:

  • Keep exterior doors and windows locked at all times.
  • Confirm that all doors close behind you when entering or exiting the building including garage doors.
  • Do not allow anyone into the building that you do not know.
  • Be cautious of who you allow access to the building or unit as you are responsible for their actions.
  • Do not store valuable items in visible areas such as your patio, car, carport or yard.
  • Report illegal activity and suspicious behaviour to the police and to MQHS office.
  • Get to know your neighbors. A strong community is a safer community
Crime Free Multi-Housing 2018-07-25T17:41:53+00:00

Our housing is certified through the Crime Free Multi Housing program which is administered through the local community police. This program aims to establish a good working relationship between housing provider, resident and police to create a safe community.

Conflict and Complaints 2019-05-27T19:45:07+00:00

If you are involved in a conflict with another resident, try to resolve the issue with them directly in a safe and respectful way, before seeking help. If you are unable to resolve an issue that is related to your tenancy, contact the Tenant Relations department in writing.

In your report please state the facts (who, what, when, where), avoid personal assumptions, date it and sign it. For your convenience we have an Incident Report form that is available at our office or on our website.

Caring For Your Unit 2019-05-27T23:42:39+00:00

It is your responsibility to keep your home safe and clean.

Cannabis 2019-05-29T17:02:14+00:00

Smoking cannabis is not permitted in any non-smoking area.  In smoking permitted areas you may smoke cannabis respectfully and in a way that does not affect others.  MQHS does not permit growing cannabis anywhere in your unit or on the property.

Annual Inspections 2018-07-25T17:20:38+00:00

Maintenance will perform an inspection of your unit and garage once per year. It is your responsibility to provide access to each area of the home. The purpose of this inspection is to identify and address any maintenance related issues. You will be given a minimum 24 hours written notice in compliance with the Residential Tenancy Act.

Amenity Room Rentals 2018-07-25T17:23:20+00:00

Some of our complexes have amenity rooms onsite for the use of our residents. To reserve an amenity room please contact our office. You will be required to sign an agreement and provide a deposit which will be refunded to you once we have confirmed the room has been left clean and free of damages. Our amenity rooms include cooking facilities, utensils, washrooms and seating.

Alterations 2018-07-24T23:15:38+00:00

Alterations to the unit are not permitted without prior written consent from the maintenance department. The reason that we limit alterations such as painting, changing flooring or installing a satellite dish is the high cost of returning units to a condition that is ready to be occupied by a new tenant. If you would like to be given consideration to perform alterations, please request a form.

Air Conditioners 2018-07-25T17:32:05+00:00

Air Conditioners that are mounted in the window are not permitted due to safety concerns. You may use portable type air conditioners that are properly vented to your window.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a resident! MQHS offers affordable units for singles, families and seniors with low to moderate incomes. There are income restrictions to qualify.