Residents Area

The section below highlights some of the common concerns and questions our tenants have. If you have any further questions, please give our office a call.

For information about applying for housing, please visit our Applications page.

Rent/Arrears Agreements

Rent is always due on or before the 1st of the month, no exceptions.

In the event you will not be able to have your rent in on time, you must complete the Arrears Agreement protocol to get an allowed extension. Arrears Agreements must be filled out and approved before your rent is late.  Obtaining an Arrears Agreement is a privilege and there is a limit to how many are granted to you during your tenancy.

Please refer back to 10. RENT (SUBSIDIZED) in your lease.

Condition of Unit/ Damage Deposit

When you move into the unit a “move in” inspection is done and recorded and at the end of your tenancy a “move out” inspection is done. The unit should be in the same condition on both reports, meaning no damage to the unit or personal items or garbage remain in the unit during the move out. This process determines your Damage Deposit Refund.

Please refer back to 9. Security Deposit in your lease


You must report income changes and changes in your family size to MQHS in a timely fashion, failure to do so could result in loss of your subsidy. You must get permission before allowing any new family members to move into the unit.

Please refer back to 25. SUBSIDY AGREEMENT in your lease.

Probation Period

Every tenancy starts on a three month probation period. Before the end of this period your tenancy will be reviewed and an inspection will be done to ensure the condition of the unit remains the same. As with all inspections maintenance must be able to access the entire unit to be completed. After a successful review your tenancy will be converted to a month to month lease.

Please refer back to 4. Term of the lease in your lease.


Must be connected in the tenants name starting the day you move into the unit, and must remain connected throughout the whole tenancy. If at any time they are disconnected it is a health and safety concern and the tenancy may be ended.

Please refer back to 12. Condition of Premise in your lease.

Annual Inspections

Our maintenance department will arrange to do an annual inspections; following the inspection you will be given a list of concerns if anything needs to be addressed. Maintenance staff must be able to access every room of the unit to complete the inspection.

Please refer back to 12. Condition of Premise in your lease.

Quiet Enjoyment

Every tenant and tenancy agreement has the right of quiet enjoyment, meaning that each tenant should be free from ongoing and unreasonable disturbances. Please be respectful of your community and neighbours in your day-to-day activities and follow municipal bylaws regarding noise, etc.


Pets are not permitted on MQHS Property; this includes that when guests visit they are not allowed to bring their pets. You are not allowed to “pet sit” for any period of time. You are not allowed to get a pet anytime throughout your tenancy.

Reporting pets, please report to MQHS if you see or hear a pet on MQHS property. We need the report in writing and it will be kept confidential. It is important for the community as a whole that everyone follows the same rules.

Please refer back to 17. PETS in your lease

Common Rooms

Both St’at’xwaya and To’o have common rooms available to rent, a small deposit is required and fully reimbursed after the common rooms are left in the clean condition they were found in.

Additional Occupants

Guests are authorized to visit for no longer than two weeks per year. Any additional time for eligible immediate family members only must be pre-approved by MQHS in writing.

Please refer back to 21. SUBLETTING/ASSIGNING OF TENANCY & ROOM & BOARDERS in your lease

Renters’ Insurance

Since tenant personal belongings are not covered under our structural insurance, please note that tenant insurance is highly recommended – it protects you and your belongings. Please consult your local SGI broker at 306-525-0888 to arrange affordable payments.

Repair Request Process

All repair requests must be submitted into the office in writing through one of these options:

  • Fill out the ‘Repair Request Form’ when visiting our office.
  • Submit a letter/form via mail to our P.O box
  • Submit a detailed email to Randy or another  team member

Important Information to include:

  • Name, Unit #, phone number
  • Brief Description
  • If you give permission to MQHS to enter your home while you are not present (signature required)

Please refer back to 13. REPAIRS in your lease.

Emergency Repairs

  • Must be reported immediately to Randy at (604) 768-3325 including after business hours. If he is unavailable, call Greg at 604-768-3326.

Repairs and considered an emergency if the health and safety of the Tenants and/or the building or property are at risk. This includes:

  • Major leaks in the pipes or roof
  • Damaged or blocked water, sewer pipes or plumbing
  • Heating, electrical issues
  • Defective security, i.e. broken lock systems

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are considered vital safety equipment; they should never be disconnected or altered by the tenants. You are required to report to MQHS immediately if they ever stop working or appear to be in disrepair.

Please refer back to 12. Condition of Premise in your lease.

Locks and Access

Tenant may not alter any lock system within the unit such as entry doors or garage, for your safety we must have access to your unit. If your keys are lost you are responsible to let MQHS know and for the re-keying costs.

Please refer back to 15. Use of Premise in your lease.

Vehicles and Parking

All parked vehicles must carry valid insurance; this includes vehicles that are being stored. For our townhouse and apartment tenants, guests must park in designated guest parking spots. Vehicles parked illegally will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Please refer back to 16. Vehicles in your lease.


Steps on how to handle a dispute:

  • If you have a dispute with your neighbour, we encourage you to resolve the matter in peaceful and respect manner.
  • If it is not possible to resolve on your own, please provide a written report to our Tenant Relations Coordinator:
  • If the problem continues submit another written report.

Please refer back to 18. Conduct in your lease.

Written Notice to Vacate Rental Unit

If you are thinking about moving, and have any questions or concerns about how to go about it please contact the office and we would be happy to go over it with you.

Here are the steps to follow to ensure proper notice is received.

  • Notice must be submitted to the office in writing.
  • The Letter must include each of the following details.
  • Address of the unit
  • Date you will move out
  • Tenants signature
  • Date written
  • MQHS must receive the written notice the day before you pay your last month’s rent.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure your notice is received. When mailing it make sure to leave extra time so it arrives before the end of the month, and call to ensure it is received.
  • If MQHS is closed for business on the last day allowed for giving notice, you are expected to consider this in advance and give notice earlier.
  • You should keep a copy of your letter for your records; MQHS can photocopy it for you by request.

For example, rent is due on the 1st of the month and you have found a new place to live for July, you will need to give your notice by no later than May 31st for an effective move out date of June 30th. If you give your notice on June 1st, you may have to pay rent for July.

Check out our template letter for written notice, print it out and fill in your name and address and it is ready to use.


For all necessary forms, please visit Tenant Forms.