How to Apply

Given the demand for and lack of affordable housing in the Fraser Valley, our units tend to be in high demand. While we would love to be able to house everyone as soon as possible, we are restricted by our availability. While there are wait lists for our units, we encourage you to apply.

Please keep in mind that all of our units are smoke- and pet-free.

Applying for MQHS housing starts with a phone call to the office where we can answer any of your questions and help you fill out an application form over the phone. Should you wish to fill out the application form (below) on your own, you can print one off and then either fax, scan and email, or deliver it to our office.

When filling out an application it is important to include your contact information, reason for moving and your references. For references, you need a current or past landlord and 3 other references; ideally employment or rental references, someone in the community who has known you for a long period of time, or a professional you have worked with (social worker, doctor, teacher, etc). References cannot be family members.

When faxing or emailing us your application, please call the office to confirm that we received it so that we can review the application with you.

Anyone can apply so please call if you have any questions.

Application Form

Print off the application form, then either fax, scan and e-mail, or deliver to our office. Download here.