Family Support Services

While family situations are incredibly diverse, some of the main causes of family homelessness and housing vulnerability are: lack of good quality affordable housing, increasing poverty, inadequate funding for support programs (such as affordable childcare), discrimination and family violence.

Affordable Housing

Our single-family dwellings spread throughout the Fraser Valley and St’at’xwaya—our townhouse complex in Mission—help to ensure that families are appropriately housed and part of a supportive community.

To’o, our 23-unit apartment complex in Mission, was planned specially with single-mothers in mind. The BC Housing-subsidized units were designed and constructed from a crime-prevention approach, to be accessible, family-centred and supportive of a multi-generational community with Elders living alongside these young families headed by single mothers. The community complements one another with the Elders providing a pivotal sense of stability to the families headed by single mothers.


Every Tuesday from 1:30-3:30pm a health clinic is run out of To’o so that residents can easily access health supports to meet their mental, physical, spiritual and emotional needs. Support also includes referral to Elders for guidance with healing.

For tenants who have difficulty with mobility and/or transport, we do our best to assist in helping them to attend appointments as well as access local food banks and social services. With the support of our gracious community business partners such as Cobs Bread, we have also been able to provide a weekly free bread program for residents.

Pre-school services for children


MQHS also runs an Aboriginal Head-Start Preschool program through Future 4 Nations. The program is committed to promoting spiritual, emotions, and physical growth in Aboriginal children ages 2.5 – 5 years old. The six driving components of the Aboriginal head Start program are: Culture and Language; Education; Health promotion; Nutrition; Social Support, and parental and Family involvement.

F4N provides children with positive experiences to encourage pride in themselves as Aboriginal children, supports and encourages each child to enjoy life-long learning, ensures children are provided healthy meals, ensures that families are aware of resources and services available in the community, empowers and supports families in living healthy lifestyles, and support’s the parents and family’s roles as the children’s primary teachers. Parents and family members are encouraged to become involved. Parents can join their Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) who plan fundraisers, share their gifts, and help with program Planning.

The program is funded through the Public health Agency of Canada and is free of cost for Aboriginal families.

Click here for Our Future 4 Nations Aboriginal Head-Start Preschool Program brochure

Other services